The following table shows who of the team members can answer your questions on specific topics or give you more information. You have the option to directly get in e-mail contact or to fix an appointment.

CurriculumProf. Dr. Torsten Brinda
Teaching Informatics IProf. Dr. Torsten Brinda
Teaching Informatics IIProf. Dr. Torsten Brinda
Professional field placement, school placement (short-term)Matthias Kramer
School placement (long term)Matthias Kramer
Current seminarssee the respective pages in the teaching area
Thesessee the respective pages in the teaching area
Information for secondary school studentsProf. Dr. Torsten Brinda
Competence modelling and educational standardsProf. Dr. Torsten Brinda
Matthias Kramer
Vocational education in InformaticsProf. Dr. Torsten Brinda
Matthias Kramer
Personalized teachware in InformaticsProf. Dr. Torsten Brinda
Doctoral researchProf. Dr. Torsten Brinda
Doctoral colloquium in Informatics education researchMatthias Kramer
Financial affairsRegina Quadt
Technical affairsChristina Braun
Teaching planRegina Quadt
Website of the chairMatthias Kramer
Mailing list for Informatics teachersRegina Quadt
Informatics entry in the teacher education wiki of the Centre for teacher educationMatthias Kramer