Fields of Research

The fields of research and interest of the chair are currently in the following areas:

  • Competence modelling and educational standards in Informatics
    How can informatic demands and abilities of students be determined on the basis of task characteristics? How can competences in the Informatics field be structured? How about the area of object-oriented programming? How can educational standards of Informatics be designed?
  • Students' conceptions in Informatics
    Which conceptions do learners have about Informatics concepts? How can these conceptions be explained? How can diagnosed conceptions be used to create competency-promoting Informatics lessens?
  • Education in the digital world
    How can education in the digital world be conceptualized and implemented in a way, so that artifacts, situations, phenomena and systems are included in educational processes as media as well as educational subjects?
  • Vocational education in Informatics
    What are the difficulties of dual vocational education in Informatics? How can this education be improved? How can Informatics competences in the vocational education field be structured? How about the vocational education of IT specialists (in German: Fachinformatiker/-in)?