Secondary schools

Secondary schools



Depending on their selected study model our student teachers have to write a Bachelor and a Master thesis or a state examination thesis on a subject of their study combination, e.g. in Informatics. Our current offered theses can be found here (in German language only). Some of these theses require some empirical research in the Informatics classroom or surveys with Informatics teachers. We would be pleased if you would support our students in case they contact you.

Doctoral studies and projects

The same applies to doctoral studies and research projects in which we are dependent on practice partners. Please support us when we contact you.

Your interests

Conversely, we can offer secondary schools to propose school-related topics in the field of Informatics education to us and to supervise respective themes e.g. as student theses together with us. This can e.g. concern the development and testing of a learning aid for certain Informatics concepts or relate to empirical analysis of specific aspects of Informatics education.

Possibility of external promotion

If the relevant personal circumstances are present, which can be checked with the doctoral degree regulations (Dr. rer. nat.) of the faculty for economics (available in German language only), there is also the possibility of an external doctorate in Didactics of Informatics. If this is of interest to you and you have the appropriate temporal possibilities, then you first should check at least three different completed dissertations in the field of Informatics education on their nature, objectives and methods. On this basis develop a first research idea and then contact us.

Possibility of teacher secondment 

Occasionally there is a possibility for a full or partial secondment for teachers of grammar or comprehensive schools in North Rhine Westphalia at the University of Duisburg-Essen. In this regard, there is a competition among different subjects at the university. We will inform appropriately for offers in the Informatics field.

School placements in the teaching degree study programs

For the school placements built in the teaching degree study programs, we are always looking for (vocational) grammar schools or comprehensive schools in the region of Duisburg-Essen and the surrounding area who are willing to accept and to supervise a certain number of Informatics student teachers for school placements. Sometimes students wish to take such placements in the context of studying abroad. For that we are looking for partners, too. The students are closely supervised by the chair and usually visited at their school (in case it is close enough to the university).

This concerns the placements:

  • (School-based) Professional field placement (Bachelor degree program)
  • School placement (State examination degree program)

We appreciate offers for such internships. Number of places and duration (min. 1 semester) defines the respective school according to their circumstances. This is also true for a possible repeatability at the same or different conditions in following semesters. In case of readiness and interest please feel free to contact us.

For the obligatory long-term school placement the allocation of the students in the region of the University of Duisburg-Essen is currently managed centrally. We would be delighted if you would indicate your willingness to offer places for student teachers in central inquiries.

Offerings for secondary-school students

The Informatics department in Essen has a rich portfolio of offerings for secondary-school students. An overview can be found on this page (available in German language only).

In-service teacher training

We occasionally run regional workshops for teacher training in Informatics. An overview of previous offerings can be found here and here (in German language only).

We welcome suggestions for future topics.


We advise secondary schools on issues concerning Informatics education. Please contact us.

Mailing list for Informatics teachers

The chair administers an e-mail list for Informatics teachers to which you can subscribe and unsubscribe yourself. We communicate with its help (in German language only):

  • current information about the informatics education in North Rhine Westphalia, Germany and internationally,
  • information on training opportunities in the Informatics field for teachers,
  • offerings for secondary school students in the Informatics field at the University of Duisburg-Essen,
  • requests for cooperation in the context of research projects,
  • etc.

Shipping is sporadic, depending on the availability of information. If you have information that should be sent to this list, please contact us. Please feel free to subscribe to this list and to also inform your colleagues about it.