Didactics of Informatics is the part of Informatics that deals with the design and research of teaching and learning processes of Informatics, in particular the conditions and consequences, objectives and themes, teaching methods and media of iInformatics education. The focus is on the Informatics education in secondary schools of all types, but teaching-learning processes in higher education, training, and extracurricular learning processes also belong to the field.

The Chair of Didactics of Informatics was newly founded at the University of Duisburg-Essen in October 2012. Areas of research and interest currently include the development and empirical validation of competency models in Informatics, students' conceptions about Informatics as well as the design and promotion of digital education. In teaching, the main task of the chair is to teach pedagogical content knowledge of Informatics to student teachers of Informatics for grammar- or comprehensive schools. It is part of the didactical self-understanding of the chair to set an example for students through own teaching and to connect scientific knowledge and its practical application at a high level of student activation. We are continuously working on the goal of preparing student teachers of Informatics as good as possible for their future profession so that they can give motivating and attractive Informatics lessons and to prepare school students for today's world, which is highly influenced by Informatics systems, the best possible way.