The chair regularly offers the following courses for student teachers of informatics (grammar/comprehensive schools):

Bachelor degree program (Exam. regulations 2014)

  • Teaching informatics I (compulsory)
    • Basics of teaching informatics (3CP, SuTe*)
    • Curricular planning (2CP, WiTe*)

Bachelor degree program (Exam. regulations 2011, expiring)

  • Basics of teaching informatics (compulsory) (3CP, SuTe*)

Master degree program

State exam program (expiring)

Introductory study period 

Advanced study period


  • Please be aware that all courses are offered in German language. Courses marked with * will be moved from summer to winter term (or the other way round) starting from summer term 2016.
  • Students in the state examination teaching degree program who have completed the introductory module in teaching Informatics before the winter term 2012/13, but who still have to complete the advanced module, please contact the chair for an individual course of study design.