Further Development of Teaching Module "Programming"

Project Description

For students of "Systems Ingineering", "Teacher Education for CSE" or "Business Informatics", the module "Programming" presents a huge hurdle. This problem  can be clearly documented by high failure rates of this course.

To support students in mastering this hurdle, we initated this research project, which has been supported by QVM (quality improvement activities) for twelve month (10/2015 - 09/2016)

We defined the goal to further develop the module to improve the course and to reduce the failure rates of students.

Project schedule:

  • WS 15/16: Evaluation of current lecture and programming course
  • Until end of winter semester: Development of suggestions for further improvement of the module
  • SS 16: Evaluation of modified module
  • Until end of project: Second modification of the course by using evaluation results of the summer semester and development of further recommendations to optimize the course

Team Members

Prof. Dr. Torsten Brinda

Prof. Dr.

+49 201 18-37248
+49 201 18-36897